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Dutch Heritage an Asset to JJ Oskam Builders Ltd.

John and his team have been building quality homes since 1974. Their long standing reputation for top quality work has been illustrated in the large number of award winning homes the team have built over the years. This however, is not where the Oskam story starts.

...the Dutch heritage and reputation for quality, craftsmanship and a excellent work ethic...

In 1954, Gerard Oskam, one of five brothers, left his home town of Ysselstein in the Netherlands for Dunedin. Coming from a small farming community of around 6,000 people he was drawn by the wide open spaces and lack of restrictions promised of New Zealand.

Over the following six years all five of the Oskam brothers and their parents immigrated to New Zealand. Bert, the oldest of the five brothers, established a successful building company in Dunedin. It was with this company that John began his apprenticeship in the trade and joined his father in the construction work. Under the watchful eye of Bert, the Dutch heritage and reputation for quality, craftsmanship and a excellent work ethic were passed on.

These values remain core principles behind the work of JJ Oskam Builders Ltd.

Today the team has grown and so to has the scope and quality of work produced by the Oskam builders. John currently runs two teams of skilled builders. This enables JJ Oskam Builders Ltd. to efficiently progress multiple projects within targeted timeframes.

Join the team, now hiring!

If you would like the opportunity to be involved in building some of the most prestigious homes in Dunedin, contact John in confidence with your CV.